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Why Doesn’t A Conveyor Belt Lifter Demand The Same Respect As A Car Jack Does For A Car?

By law industry states each car is to be supplied with a car jack specifically designed to safely lift the car make and model it has been supplied with. You would not use a Toyota Yaris car jack on a Toyota Landcruiser to lift and change a flat tire? Surely not, would you? If so, you must surely know that you are exposing yourself to a high-level risk of jack failure or worse still the car falling off the jack while you are working under the car.

Why does the mining industry not demand the same for its conveyor asset?With the endless alternative and ever-changing conveyor configuration and belt size increase you would think this should have been implemented.Conveyor assets are not too dissimilar to cars as they drive from point A to get to point B. If we have a flat tire or a failed roller,we need to have the ability to lift and secure our load to change the failure, and as quick and as safe as possible get back on our journey.

We can safely say this is the case when it comes to a jack that is supplied with your car however when it comes to conveyor belt lifters this is certainly not the case.

The mining industry has had to accept until now a conveyor belt lifter/jack that is grossly under rated for its safe working limit, extremely heavy,and tries to fit many different conveyor belt widths and configurations without success. The inherited risk associated with these mechanical belt lifters/jacks is that they will continue to lift until they break, and they will only break under load and expose personnel to a 2-ton conveyor belt coming crashing down. The stronger the person operating the belt lifter/ jack the increased risk of imminent failure.

Techmine Solution’s vision is to change the way we think about lifting and identifying the correct tooling required to lift the conveyor belts safely and without risk. As with motor vehicles jacks,we wish to see an engineered design, purpose-built trough beam and return belt beam located along side each conveyor out in the industry. Our engineering team obtain the conveyor profile dimensions and configuration of the trough belt and the return belt in its location on the stringers and then design a certified ultra-lightweight lifting beams to fit that conveyor system. This eliminates the risk that an operator may use the incorrect sized belt lifter/jack on the wrong size belt. This coupled with our lightweight, portable tuned hydraulic system ensures that exceeding safe work limits, lifting heavy cumbersome tooling and using incorrect designed lifting equipment is a thing of the past.

Techmine Solutions have a purpose-built belt lifter station that allows you the user to locate in strategic locations, such as at high level points across site or at the tail or drive ends of the conveyor system. With this fixed location operators will have the comfort knowing that the belt lifter/jack is designed to lift the conveyor its located next to. This coupled with the fact that spare rollers can be stored at this location will reduce downtime when an unscheduled roller requires replacement. This solution gets us a lot closer to the security we have when using a motor vehicle that has suddenly had a flat tyre.

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