Techmine now offers tailored training courses on the Techmine Lifting Equipment at our Facility in Perth or at a location of your choosing. We have adapted our content to offer online training modules to domestic and international customers. These courses are recommended to ensure optimized service life for Techmine products.

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In person training focuses on the practical aspects of using Techmine products. This ensures greater understanding of crucial processes and components. 

These courses in our facility take around half a day on average for small groups, larger groups may require extra time. Please allow for a minimum of two weeks for an onsite course to be organized. 


For those who prefer contactless training, Techmine offers comprehensive online training modules. Training is facilitated by our knowledgeable staff and contains all of the crucial maintenance and operation components in a condensed format.

Online training sessions take around two hours depending on the content covered. Please allow for one week notice for the online training to be organized. 


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