Lifting Beams

Our ultra light weight conveyor belt lifting beams are fabricated from structural-grade aluminium, ensuring unparalleled strength and durability. The lifting beams are available in different profiles to suit different applications on site. Our lifting beams are designed AS4991-2004 and AS1665-2004

Lifting beams in the trough profile are generally favoured for conventional belt lifts. The profile of the trough beams allows the lifting beams to conform to the shape of the idler conveyor frames, allowing for maximum lift. V-bent and flat lifting beams are designed to be used for return belt lifts.

For specialized or more complicated lifts, our custom fabricated over trough beams might be required.

  • The low number of parts for easy maintenance
  • Strong, durable & corrosion resistant
  • Engineered to Australian Standards
  • Lightweight Trough, V, and Flat Beams
  • Suited to belts of up to 3.2 meters
  • Load tested and certified