Hydraulic Belt Lifter

For far too long industry has accepted conveyor belt lifting equipment to be heavy, cumbersome, and unfit to lift the conveyor belting, hence the abundant amount of Out of Service equipment onsite that has exceeded its lifting capacity and failed.

Techmine’s design eliminates these inherited risks through its smart solution. Firstly, we request our questionnaire sheet to be populated to ensure we manufacture a profiled beam to suit your conveyor. This combined with our hydraulic governed pump and lightweight lockable telescopes ensures that heavy, cumbersome, and unfit designed belt lifters are a thing of the past.

Hydraulic Belt Lifter Key safety features

  • Lockout telescopes to remove the risk of working under a suspended load
  • Tuned portable hydraulic pump as not to exceed the lifting capacity of the equipment
  • 250mm,350mm & 450mm telescope lift height
  • Weightlifting indicator on all pumps
  • Ability to lift both troughs and return belt
  • Aluminum structural construction
  • 3rd party load tested and certified to meet AS4991-2004 & AS1665-2004
  • Conveyor belt sizes up to 3.2 meters