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The Strongest Mechanical Conveyor Belt Lifter in The Market

Tired of rotating a socket wrench countless times during the maintenance of lifting your conveyor belt? Feeling exhausted of hiring too many human resources to complete a single maintenance activity?  Feeling weary your belt lifting maintenance tool may break at any time? Confused about how to handle the small non – scheduled breakdown? Baffled about the compliance of the tool with your conveyor design? Which tool can provide the best solution for lifting the conveyor belt? Here comes a perfect tool to figure out all these problems with ease.

Techmine’s battery-operated mechanical belt lifter is that fascinating tool that could solve all your conveyor belt lifting maintenance problems within a wink. It is an ideal and adaptable jack that can be used to lift conveyors belt widths between the range of 750 mm and 2400 mm. It’s a ultra-lightweight tool which only requires two operators to set up and only one to operate it. The battery-operated lifter can be best suitable for small – scale and quick-fix maintenance tasks during non-scheduled breakdowns in your mines.

You can use it without losing precious time in searching for a power supply as it operates with a 80NM battery drill and can operate within 2 meters of the pulley ends of the conveyor. As the lifter is a lightweight single frame tool it is easy to carry and use anywhere in your workplace. Our battery-operated mechanical belt lifter can lift your trough belt and return belt simultaneously which is an added advantage of its efficiency. The jack comes with many types of custom feet to easily adapt to your conveyor’s design so let us take care of your customization requirements.  

Safety is always a major concern in the maintenance of our mines to run with less downtime and it is fulfilled by the self-supporting an anti-reversing design which ensures the safety of the belt maintainer. It can curtail your belt’s downtime drastically with the possibility of quick maintenance. No need to worry about dead batteries as the tool uses a standard rechargeable drill which has high torque and low RPM. Go and grab your belt lifter to finish off your maintenance task with ease.

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