Over-Trough Belt Lifter


Over-Trough Belt Lifter

Cert: AS4991-2004, AS1665-2004 *Note Product Image Above Uses Custom Feet and Can be Designed to your Specifications.


The newly developed Over-Trough Belt Lifter is a great solution for when room is tight and the brace bar needs to be above the belt. It features the great specifications and standards of our other lifters with these key differences.

• Available in multiple models offering 1T, 1.5T, 2T capacity suitable for a range of return belts on their own between 900mm to 2600mm that are near flat and up to 50 ° trough angle

• Designed so it can be also used with the Techmine Sling arrangement.

• Fabricated and welded to AS1654-2004 with full project traceability and quality control procedures

• All lifting equipment is proof load tested to twice the rated capacity by a NATA accredited third party specialist

• Equipment comes fitted with a unique product identification plate and is marked with a bold, easy to read working load limit (WLL)

• Designed to be a lightweight alternative to heavy and cumbersome dated lifting beams

• Dramatically improves manual handling safety when carrying lifting equipment along conveyors and passing under the belt during set up

• Engineered by Techmine and certified to AS4991-2004 by an independent Chartered Engineer