Safety Design Benefits

Safety Details

Techmine Solutions designed & certified a smart ultra light weight product. Its designed to lift & secure both the trough belt & return belt, simultaneously, safely & without fear of lifting beyond the design limitation.

  • Hydraulic pressure by-pass as not to exceed the safe load limit
  • Techmine pressure gauge giving the user access to actual loads being lifted
  • Techmine convertor pack allows the stored energy to lift and descend in a controlled manner.
  • Ability to lift, pin and secure load to be able to access under the belt.
  • Multiple lock off points if weight limits are reached before full extension.
  • This allows the hydraulics to be disconnected from the telescope and moved to another Techmine lifter for raising.
  • Techmine Telescopes come with a magnetic foot to secure to stringers whilst setting up.
  • For added safety with use on Incline conveyor systems.
  • Ultra lightweight telescope assembly
  • Ultra-light weightlifting beams with 1t, 1.5t and 2t lifting capacity.
  • Designed and built to fit the profile and load limit of your belt as not to damage belt cords.
  • Dramatically removes fatigue and exerted manual handling efforts that are historically present in this task.
  • Ability to safely lift belt and expose 6 idler frames either side of Techmine Lifter
  • Ability to safely lift both Trough Belt and Return belt simultaneously
  • Ability to safely lift, secure and tent the conveyor belt 10 idler frames apart for mass roller change out.