Mechanical Belt Lifter


Portable Mechanical Belt Lifter

Cert: AS4991-2004, AS1665-2004


Lifter is rated with a 1T dynamic lift capacity. Suitable for one width of belt from 900mm to 1500mm accommodating both 35 ° and 45 ° trough angles

• With ease, the lifter raises the belt in 30-35 seconds using a high torque, low RPM driver

• Singular frame design can be positioned and operated on raised single walkway conveyors or when access is restricted in situations such as tunnels

• 2T static load capacity with a self-supporting anti reversing design allows a belt maintainer to safely work under the raised belt

• The light weight one-piece unit is able to be slid across conveyor stringers and rotated into position by two personnel

• If required, a special installation tool can be supplied allowing a single maintainer to install the lifter under the belt

• Suitable for underground conveyors with limited overhead space

• Engineer out or reduce the hazards commonly seen in a high risk maintenance practice