Awards & Testimonials


Rio Tinto High Five Award

Techmine has received this award from Rio Tinto for creating a solution to historical inadequate tool design in lifting conveyors. The solution provided a decrease in inherit risk and also increased the level of safety and efficiency that the work could be done in. Click the link below to view the award.


Koos Engelbrecht, First Quantum Minerals Ltd.
Crushing & Conveying Superintendent
Today we completed training on our 2600mm belt lifter developed, manufactured and supplied by you guys. What an awesome product, lightweight and portable, yet robust and did the lift in no time. We achieved roller replacement under 3 minutes with only two guys, one per side. The design on replacing the return idler worked just as well and we are impressed with everything! Thank you and well done to the team that took on the challenge to develop the product to suit our conveyor belts.

Techmine Portable Lifter in Action in Panama