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News Flash – August

Techmine Designs Own Hydraulic Pump.Techmine sought the need to make an all…

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News Flash – August

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"Working Smarter Not Harder"

We specialise in improving not only the productivity, reliability and safety in your mine site but also in providing solutions that increase efficiency. We currently stock a wide range of products some of which are listed below:

  • Portable Trough Beam Lifters
  • Portable Mechanical Belt Lifter
  • Return Belt Lifting Beams
  • Safety Guards

Techmine's vision was to develop a new generation of conveyor belt maintenance tooling to help and assist others by improving safety.

Years of combined mining experience including managing site construction, facilitating bulk roller change outs and maintaining fixed plant machinery has allowed us to provide smarter solutions from our own experience. Techmine’s engineered equipment is capable of meeting the demands of modern mine maintenance and safety requirements.